Call center for your business with over 5 years of experience
  • Call and sell for you
  • Take over service function, sales, technical support
  • Start work within 2 hours
  • Select database for your audience
  • No payment for minutes
When signing an agreement launch and supervisor support free of charge
We can offer you
Calls to contacts you are interested in
Receiving and processing calls from your traffic
Writing scripts for sales and pre-sales monitoring
Development of a list of recommendations for entering a new sales market
We select the database with the necessary target audience
We will provide detailed information about the result of the work

Why you should contact us
  • Transparency and cost detail
    The cost is calculated in advance, you always know what you pay for. We provide detailed information on the conditions, methods and types of verification. At the end of the audit, we provide full reporting (including audio recordings).
  • Presence in many countries
    We work throughout Russia, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan (including other CIS and Baltic countries), as well as Turkey, India, Africa and Latin America
  • Own staff of managers
    A large staff of managers with a high range of specializations.
  • Confidentiality
    We guarantee non-disclosure of information to third parties.
  • Quick launch
    We can start the work within 2 hours.
  • Right on time
    All tasks are completed on time.
Working with us is beneficial
Let's look at an example with database of 1 000 contacts
from 36 000 INR
Calls 5 sec. and 55 sec. are equated to 1 min.
Medium minute of conversation of such services is 18 INR
Average call duration - 2 min.
from 30 000 INR
No understanding on the work done
No detailed analysis of calls
Pay per contact service
from 60 000 INR
In most services, the price of a call to1 number - from 60 INR
New employee
from 30 000 INR
Needs training
No guarantee of quickly getting the desired result
Our service
from 10 000 INR
Pay per call - from 10 INR
Starts immediately after receiving the task
High conversion for sale
Database is selected according to your target audience
Detailed report of work done (including audio call recording)
Calculate the cost of work
For detailed information about the price of your project - send us a request
Work examples
Options for productive interaction
Technical support
  • Over 5 000 hits per month
  • Telephone conversations , chats, messengers
  • Solving technical problems with registration, reporting, documents
Construction direction
  • Cold Search of Crews for the use of mechanized plastering services
  • Self collection and calling database of over 4 000 contacts
  • Conversion from call to lead from 18%
Lead generation
  • Calling educational institutions to promote participation in the event
  • Work across multiple regions with different time zones
  • Access to the decision maker in 80% cases
Online school
  • Organization effective sales funnels
  • Job with warm client base
  • Conversion from contact to contract 46%
Public events
  • Calling the customer base for the purpose of informing and inviting to the event
  • We work worldwide
  • Call start in 2 hours after treatment
Informing clients
  • Infrastructure organization for online store
  • Working with sales ordering, service support and complaints
  • Over 8 000 requests per month
About us
Our company was founded in 2017 and during this time we have acquired a rich experience in work with different types of business.

We specialize in providing comprehensive call processing services in various industries such as:

- Retail
- Telecommunications
- Finance
- Healthcare
- Technical support

Our team provides high quality services and builds long-term relationships with clients. We are proud that our services help to achieve clients the desired result.

How it works
Sending an application
We will contact you to receive details on the task you are interested in and agree on a budget
Task in progress
After receiving the necessary information, your task is sent to managers and the launch starts within 2 hours
After completing the task, you will receive a detailed report on the work done (including audio recordings of conversations)
Do you have any questions?
Send a request and we will answer your questions